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"I have been playing guitar for over three decades and Mr. Garneau has both the chops and educational clout to teach slide guitar at a master's level. His lessons are both educational and fun. I have studied under some of the best instructors and I am glad to say Mr. Garneau is one of the best. He is both friendly and professional. He goes the extra mile to accommodate his students and meet them where they are to achieve theirs goals."


Adam Gauthier - Student

"I've always wanted to know how to play slide guitar. Listened to the blues for years. Never would think with just 4 lesson I would be working on Dust my Broom with a slide. Watched three months of videos and nothing. If you really want hands on slide lessons, try six lessons and you will be playing slide guitar. This is the real deal."


Joseph Pender - Student

Jarred's online lessons and videos are really great. They are a wonderful mix of information that any guitar player can use, but also really helpful for those that are studying slide guitar. As a slide player, I really like how he posts lessons that outline great slide solos, but I think what really makes his lessons stand out are how he posts content on understanding the building blocks of great lead playing (rhythm playing, intervals, tension release, phrasing and rhythm in phrasing, etc). I've found great ideas and licks in everything I seen him post. Thanks Jarred!

Simon Kurt - Student

"Jarred has a wealth of knowledge about music theory, as well as music history. With me being self taught for many years, he has been really flexible about the topics and exercises he recommends, and helped me reach the next level in my playing. We started zoom lessons in 2020, and have stuck to it out of convenience."


Joe Gaudet - Student

About jarred

Jarred Garneau started playing guitar at 13 years old. Initially inspired by mainstream rock bands that peak most young guitarists interest, Jarred wanted to pick up a real guitar instead of opting for Guitar Hero like most kids his age at the time. After starting private guitar lessons and revealing natural talent, Jarred started branching off into different genres. In high school, he joined the Jazz Band, which came in 2nd place in the state competition.​

Jarred's guitar playing only picked up after high school. He played as much as he could and built his name in the New Hampshire and Southern Maine music community, joining any local jam sessions he could find. He further explored his advanced style of blues playing after being re-inspired by the old blues masters (particularly the slide playing of Duane Allman) and formed his first band in 2015, The Freestones. His bands have played popular local venues including The Press Room, The Stone Church, as well as local festivals. 


Jarred formed his latest group, The Ferret Brothers, a group that pays homage to Django Reinhardt, in 2018. He also currently studies with David Newsam, and is attending the prestigious Berklee College of Music for his Bachelor's in Music Performance for Guitar.

As much as Jarred likes to play and continue his own music education, what he enjoys even more is teaching the gift of slide guitar playing to others. Now, with years of experience under his belt, he specializes in teaching slide and improvisation. If you can't make a local lesson he offers online lessons. His online slide guitar lessons and have been well-received by students during the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing. Check out his testimonials for additional insights straight from his students. Or, better yet, book your first lesson here!

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