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How to learn Slide Guitar and Open-E: Minor Chords

Minor Chords are staple in all sorts music including jazz and world music. A minor chord is when you stack the intervals 1, b3, and 5 (C, Eb, and G, if we are in the key of C) and a 6 or a b7 (A or Bb) to make it a Minor 6 or Minor 7 chord. I've included a fretboard diagram that shows how it is built on the fretboard and a useful shape you can add to your playing. I've also a video of my arrangement of the jazz standards "Summertime" and "Four On Six" to give you an idea of how these chords sound.

If you are interested in learning more licks like this in Open-E and on slide, you can contact me at to set up a lesson. If you would like to support my efforts in form of donation my Paypal is and my Venmo is Jarred-Garneau


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