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What Have You Been Listening To?

Hello everyone!

I have decided to switch things up this week by asking you a question: What have you been listening to? I believe listening to music is essential to a musicians progress, similar to how an athlete will pay attention to their diet. Listening to quality music will improve your playing and keep you inspired, less quality music will do the opposite. What is quality music? That's up to you and your musical goals. It's important to pay attention to the music you are listening to and what you take in.

I have been listening to the album "Portrait Of Wes" by Wes Montgomery, particularly his cover of the Miles Davis standard "Freddie Freeloader". I love Wes' lines and the way he composes his solos. He often begins them as understated, and then he slowly builds it up, a real masterclass on how to shape your solos like a story.

So I am curious, what have you been listening to? Let me know in the comments below.

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